sobota 8. září 2012

Successful Boycott of McDonalds in Bolivia
“Last year, Bolivia became the second Latin American country not to have a singleMcDonald’s. The fast food giant finally gave up on Bolivia after being unable to turn a profit in the country for over a decade.”
Are you shitting me? There is such a place that does NOT have a McDonalds? “Oh, I’m lovin’ it”, already.
“Following this failure, the monolithic multinational released a documentary titled ‘Why McDonald’s failed in Bolivia.’Referencing surveys, sociologists, nutritionists and historians, the company came to the conclusion it was not their food that was the issue, but a culturally driven boycott.”
WOW. A simple boycott got rid of a powerful food chain like McDonalds. See people, imagine what we could do if we boycotted the IRS and all taxes, among other things. Ahhh…what a momentous world that would be!
Amazing. This is just amazing. So it is possible in a country, for a collective wake up to happen, where it is no longer normal or acceptable to eat that incredible shit and pay for it.